BCTEC engineering and technology is a consulting company that proposes innovative and profitable solutions to the mining industry based on the worldwide experience of our consulting team.

Our primary  activities include 

  • Conduct studies,  develop engineering products, and provide services to establish safe, sustainable mine operations.   

  • Design software for mine planning and risk mitigation, offer services for conceptual engineering and risk analysis for underground operations.

  • Keep our clients up-to-date with the latest industry innovations and partner with them to apply strategies and services that maximize outcomes. 

  • Support the mining industry in establishing the best operational standards for sustainability and safety.

Mission and Vision


Create value for our mining industry partners by offering technological solutions based on scientific methods and advanced innovative engineering techniques. 

Collaborate with international mining companies that currently use underground mining methods to create safe and innovative technology solutions and optimize results. 


Competitive Advantages

  • Analyses based on actual mine experience.  

  • Highly specialized team with honed analytical skills.

  • Cutting edge access to both theory and application.

  • In-house consultants partner with local and international experts to obtain the best solutions for project needs.

  • Proven success for the most influential players in the underground mining industry with our added value solutions.