Set operational standers that allow to our clients take decisions, justify and be safe from legal and technical point of view based on the best standard in mining.

BCTEC engineering and technology is a consulting company that aims to propose innovative and profitable solutions to the mining industry.

We carry out studies and develop engineering products to establish safe, sustainable mine operations through innovation, experience and knowledge.

Using our proprietary software designed specifically for mine planning purposes, we offer services for conceptual engineering and risk analysis for underground operations.

Mission and Vision

Create value for our mining industry partners by offering technological solutions based on scientific methods and advanced and innovative engineering techniques.

Collaborate with local and international mining companies that currently use underground mining methods, such as block/panel/sublevel caving, to create safe and innovative technology solutions and optimize results.


  • Worker and client security is a vital feature of our services, and it is fundamental for the continued success of our business.

  • Open, respectful and honest communication with our clients is key to our collaborative approach.

  • We plan and carry out our work with the highest standards of ethics, professional behavior, technical rigor, and accountability.

  • We work with the best professionals and experts in all areas involved in our projects.

Competitive Advantages

  • Our analyses are based on actual mine data.

  • We have a highly specialized team with honed analytical skills.

  • We are at the cutting edge in both theory and application.

  • We add value to the most influential players in the underground mining industry.

  • We offer innovative and high quality solutions.

  • We complement our in-house consultants with local and international experts to offer the best solution for the project needs.