Gravitaty flow simulator

FlowSim SLC es un software de simulación de caving y flujo gravitacional, basado en métodos estocásticos, permitiendo estimar las reservas mineras y evaluación de los planes de producción para operaciones de Sub Level Caving en los diversos proyectos mineros.

FlowSim SLC tiene en cuenta las principales restricciones técnico – económicas del proyecto de SLC, y así determinar el mejor plan minero de extracción.

Cut off grade

Cut off grade defines  the economically removable ore from which it does not have a value for the operation.


Minimum tonnage allowed per ring

This parameter ensures minimal ring extraction.

Montlhy target

The monthly traget allows to adjust a desired evolution of the extraction plan, allowing to define how much and when extracting ore. FlowSim receives the monthly target as a .txt file with the detail of the draw rates per month to simulate.

Maximum tonnage per day by drawpoint

This parameter allows you to control the simultaneus extraction of multiple rings.


Maximum tonnage allowed per ring

This parameter sets the maximum tonnage associated to a ring.


Maximum number of low-grade ore extractions

This criterion stop the extraction of a ring based on the cut off grade. Specifically, the maximum number of iterations below the cut off grade is set in order to stop the extraction process.

The main benefits are:

  • FlowSim SLC allows to quantify various extraction strategies, thus obtaining a greater economic benefit for the operation.

  • This software is able to simulate and predict the reserves extracted in terms of tonnage and grades with great precision and reliability.

  • Deliver results quickly, with low simulations times, facilitating the evaluation of multiples scenarios that may exist within the mining project. (improvement)

  • It is adaptable to the characteristics of the site in which you want to use, allowing to optimize the mine design.