BCTEC professionals contribute to establishing best practices and standards for mine planning, developing technologies to optimize profitability, sustainability and safety.

Senior Mining Engineer

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Specialist Engineer

Engineering Manager

Over 10 years of experience in underground mining, specialist in caving methods with knowledge in processes of operational and mining planning. Previously supervised the processes of Extraction, Hauling, Plant and Crushing, Drilling and Blasting and ShortTerm Planning at El Teniente. Currently leads our BCTEC multidisciplinary team in the design and implementation of innovative technologies for companies in Chile, Perú, Australia.

Pablo Álvarez  

IT Manager

Executive with more than 18 years of professional experience as Software Development Engineer, IT Project Manager, Technology Manager. Expert in development of transversal systems (e.g. Networking, Database, Legacy Systems, Business intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications) and tools that add value to BCTEC analyses and recommendations. 

José Bacigalupo  

Project Engineer

Mining Engineer with more than 3 years of experience in underground mining. Key player in research studies of gravity flow experiments, gravity flow simulations and database analysis of caving mines. 

Lenin Arancibia

Project Engineer

Project Engineer

Project Engineer currently working on BCTEC risk modeling studies in caving mining and international benchmarking research regarding mining practices and standards.  He interned in the JKMRC research center at the University of Queensland in Australia working on various mining and metallurgy projects while completing his Mining Engineering degree at the University of Concepción. 

Marcelo Avila  

Project Engineer

Matías Loyola Galdames  

Project Engineer

Felipe Labra Bravo

Project Engineer

Carlos Valdés  

Project Engineer

Massimiliano Antonio Sturla  

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Marcelo Aguilar Basáez  

Administration and Finance

Engineering assistant

Head of Administration and Finance


Administration and Finance Assistant

Engineering Assistant

Olaya Calderón Palominos  


Strategic Advisor

Marketing Assistant

Angelica San Martín Toro  

Marketing Assistant

Gabriel Andrés Núñez  

Strategic Advisor

Fidel Baez  

Professional Editor

Professional Editor

Diane Greenstein  

Principal Consultant

Principal Engineer

Almost 20 years’ experience in the mining industry in diverse areas including engineering and applied research. Currently Associate Professor in the Mining Engineering Department at the University of Chile. He has led BCTEC with his strong technical and organizational skills and day-to-day access to the latest developments in the field to complete research projects and engineering studies for companies in Chile, Peru, Australia, USA and Canada. 

Raúl Castro